Bridal Makeup

Restorative Pathways Bodywork & Massage offers 35+ years of experience using make-up and techniques to enhance your attributes. Whether you are looking for a traditional look, a natural look, or something edgier, we can provide a makeover transformation that will exceed your expectations. We always use high-quality palettes and lashes to provide a complete, blended look. Our make-up artists will be there for you every step of the way, from the dress rehearsal to the wedding day. We are not limited to bridal make-up and can provide makeup services for any occasion. Always be picture-ready with us and contact Restorative Pathways Bodywork & Massage today!


The Dress Rehearsal is the Brides walk thru of what her make-up will look like on her big day. It starts with a micro-facial to set the palette right for picture ready make-up and eyelash application.



The Standing Ovation is the answer to looking your best at your special event . Whether it is a wedding, graduation, prom, gala, military ball or a big birthday you want The Standing Ovation Event Make-up. It includes a micro facial which will create a clean palette for the exquisite event make-up and gives your skin a health glow. Lashes are complimentary as part of the Standing Ovation.



Setting the scene is a 60min private make-up lesson with Bahdra. She will teach expert make-up techniques and secrets that will enhances your best attributes. The lesson comes with a 15min skin treatment that preps the skin for make-up and make it glow.